Shoes That Rock

Are they boots or are they sneakers? Wait they are both. Yes SKYE footwear has brought you two in one shoes. For your best comfort they have brought boots which are also sneakers. This footwear has functionality and durability of a boot; and style and comfort of a sneaker. These shoes provide you with confidence and protection.

It comes in two different style:

The Stnley: It has the appreance of hiking boot with modern styling of sneaker. They keep your feet dry by maintaining proper ventilation. They come in Raincity Grey and Orca Black.

The Pembrtn: They can be used in winters as they keep your feet warm. They are slip on boots with sneaker style. They are designed to keep your feet comfortable so you can enjoy any kind of activity while wearing it. They come in Oyster White and Orca Black.

What makes them different from other shoes?

  • They are specially designed to give your foot proper comfort.
  • They are strongly build with durable material.
  • They are lightweighted.
  • Their style is modern with slip ons.
  • These shoes are not only for your feet. Their special design give comfort to the whole body.
  • This footwear are made of recycled material.
  • To keep your ankle safe a cushion collar is provided.
  • If you are running late you do not need to worry about tying you lace because these shoes are lace free.
  • Material on these shoes is snowproof as well as waterproof.
  • Do you always think that your shoes will smell if you do not wear socks? But no need to worry about that now because these special shoes control odor.
  • These shoes are temprature regulatory.
  • To give the best fit, these shoes have hidden zipper.
  • If you do not want to tighten these shoes no need to worry about falling or tripping. Because these shoes have hard grip.
  • These shoes are made of recycled material and hence are vegan friendly.

SKYE Sneaker-Boots are not just for you. They are for your family also. You can buy these for your wife/husband or kids. They are a full family pack. Special quality of these shoes is that they go with your every outfit.

Our aim is to provide most comfort to our customers. We understand that every person buys separate pair of shoes for different occassion. We want it to stop, we want to bring this all in one shoe to the world. Help us in spreading the joy by pledging with us.

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