6 Men’s Style Trends You Should Ditch in 2020

Whether you’re a professional, an entrepreneur or a university student, there will be occasions in your everyday life that need you to sport different looks, from casual and laid-back to dressed up and formal. If you’re not much into fashion or don’t have time to keep up with changing trends, you can inadvertently make styling mistakes and sabotage your first impressions.

To junk out-of-date fashion, here are six common styling mistakes you should look to avoid this year.

Embroidered or embellished pants

There is no need to discard those heavily embellished jeans you bought in Vegas, but the world of men’s fashion has moved way past jeans and trousers with motifs, logos, embroidered patterns and so forth. Keep the memory by all means, but evolve your dressing style to something more evergreen and suave.

Unlike what most people tend to believe, evergreen dressing need not necessarily be safe, but it’s something you can sport without drawing unwanted attention wherever you go. The same goes for skinny jeans, a fashion trend well past its prime. If you’re a skinny guy, tightly-fitted jeans can make you look even thinner.

Dress shoes with long, pointed toes

Because good formal shoes don’t come cheap, many men continue to wear much-outdated pointed-toe or square-toed work shoes. Another reason that this trend refuses to die down is that most men perhaps don’t have an inkling that their workwear shoes are out of trend. It’s an essential accessory that everyone keeps on using until it’s ready to be discarded.

This year, clunky shoes with oddly designed toes are a styling blunder that you should ditch for a more refined look that comes with the good old curve-toed dress shoes. You can never go wrong with those.

Too much fragrance

This trick fails every time because, for one, no amount of fragrance can ever replace a good shower and change of clothes. Second, using too much perfume or cologne can cause people around you to develop a headache or trigger sneezing in case they’re allergic to strong smells.

Especially when it comes to making a great impression on the opposite sex, nothing beats personal hygiene and a clean and classy look, which, you may be surprised, is not about ditching your personal laid-back style for a put-on sophisticated look. It’s about paying attention to your personal hygiene and looking well-turned out even in your gym pants.

Top open tees and tops

Any top-wear that reveals chest hair should be put in the give-away carton. Sport quality round-neck t-shirts with understated designs and you’ll never step on the wrong side of men’s fashion. If you love the V-neck too much to let it go entirely, buy shirts with a regular V-neck or the ever-charming Henley neck.

To get the smart casual look that never fails no matter what the occasion or time of day, follow men’s fashion trends that are redefining male dressing this season. Keeping up to date with the latest styles will help you refresh your wardrobe and do away with old-fashioned items.

Clothing that doesn’t fit

Wear clothes that are too loose and you risk looking much older than you are. Wearing baggy clothes also makes one look unkempt, sloppy and uninterested in their appearance. If you’re trying to shed a few pounds and would much rather hide the bulges until they disappear, you can still get smart men’s clothing in your size that will improve your silhouette and make you feel more confident, which oversized clothing can never achieve.

Wearing an oversized suit to work is a no-no unless you want to appear disorderly and subservient. If you must wear comfortable large-sized clothing to bed, leave it in your bedroom when going out to get groceries.

Accessorizing the ancient way

Many of the age-old rules around ties, tie bars, pocket squares, belts, and jewelry no longer hold true, but it’s easy to go wrong on these fronts if you’re not in the know.

For instance, you no longer need to match your tie and pocket square; in fact, doing so can make your outfit look overdone and your look manufactured. Similarly, your belt doesn’t need to be an exact match for your shoes, and your tie bar should be worn the right way or not worn at all.

If you love to wear jewelry as a form of self-expression, avoid sporting too many pieces all at once when dressing for work. Overdoing your accessories can take attention away from the important stuff.

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